Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hotel Revenue Management’s Some Useful Ideas

Revenue Management is an efficient way to maximize profits from limited resources. Not all businesses, especially hotels, can afford to increase their range of services in a short period of time. 

Hotels have a limited number of rooms available at any given point of time. It is only through the proper implementation of good revenue management practices that they can increase profits with their limited resources. There are a number of ways that hotels can make their revenue management procedures more efficient and profitable.


Increasing the profit and revenue is not a one-time trick. Revenue managers can only do so much. The systems implemented by the managers need to be improved upon on a consistent basis. 

In today’s technologically oriented world, the trends can change quickly and thus, the revenue systems need to be continuously appraised. There are various technologies available today which make it easier to keep track of the trends of the market. 

A successful hotel needs the latest information on the hotel market and regional economical conditions. The performance of the hotel since its inception also needs to be looked into whilst devising an efficient revenue management system.

Google Hotel Finder

As mentioned before, technology is a major part of our lives in the 21st century. Google, the leader in Internet based services, has added a hotel finder function to their repertoire. 

A hotel’s exposure in the global market can be significantly improved if its name is added to the list of hotels in Google Hotel Finder. Becoming a part of the Google Hotel Finder can help attract revenue which can only be a good thing.


A hotel needs to maintain a long term plan. The prices of rooms are bound to vary from season to season and it is very important to have a clear idea about the potential income of the coming year and after that. 

Revenue management dictates that proper strategies be formulated in order to get a clear cut idea of future pricing policies. Arbitrarily selecting prices and approximating cash flow can have a negative effect on revenue. Proper plans need to be drawn up so that the prices of future reservations do not turn out to be unsatisfactory.


Any successful business requires a careful analysis of the competition. To get the maximum benefit out of revenue management systems, data must be acquired on the competing hotels. Ideas about their prices and attractions can help in creating better strategies for improving the hotel and thereby, revenue.

Last Words

Managing revenue is a long term job. Newer practices are developed everyday and hotels must ensure that their data and management systems are up-to-date. Improving the systems are a must if the hotel wants to keep leading the pack.