Thursday, 15 January 2015


HOPE - such a frequent term, so overlooked.

HOPE, we HOPE next month will be better, we HOPE that we will reach forecast, even better, exceed budget. We HOPE too much - HOPE is reactive, and in our world we need proactive actions to suceed. We need to MAKE the HOPE happen. It is the MAKE that changes the game. Those who MAKE things happen in the Revenue Meetings, those who MAKE others see the secrets in the data, those who MAKE discussions turn into measurable actions. Those are the MAKERS who MAKE success...they don't sit back and HOPE for it.

We start a New Year, a new month with an expression of HOPE. Hope is unaccountable; if we don't reach it, we are dealt a bad hand. The MAKER is one who turns the HOPE into actions; actions that shape the future into reality. Real results. That is what we are after...and REAL RESULTS require REAL MAKERS. Real Revenue Managers know this.

Are you are MAKER or HOPER? Do you make results happen, or wait for them to happen....cos you could be waiting a while!

We're in your city - look us up for our Revenue Management seminars. We have dates every month! Look forward to seeing you soon!


Duncan Bramwell
Revenue Performance 

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